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Kids Blowing Bubbles

Empowering children and their families to reach their fullest potential

Speech & Feeding Therapy Sherman, PLLC is dedicated to helping children from birth to early adulthood reach their fullest potential. SFT is passionate about providing the highest quality of care, tailored to the individual needs of each child. Speech & Feeding Therapy Sherman, PLLC offers a comprehensive range of services including evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, and support for various speech and language disorders as well as feeding disorders. SFT is committed to helping the children in our community achieve their goals, improve their communication skills, feeding skills and overall quality of life. 

Now offering FREE speech & language screenings!

Speech & Feeding Therapy Sherman, PLLC is also offering weekly small-group speech therapy sessions. For more information, please contact or call/text 469-867-4833.

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